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Funeral Establishments and funeral directors in Georgia are licensed by the Georgia Board of Funeral Service. 

The Georgia Board of Funeral Service administers the Funeral Service Law for the purpose of better protection of life and health, preventing the spread of contagious, communicable, and infectious diseases, and regulating the practice of embalming and funeral direction, and the care and disposition of dead human bodies.

The Board consists of 7 members appointed by the Governor, six of whom are licensed and practicing funeral directors and embalmers, with one member serving as a consumer representative who has no connection with the funeral service industry. The Board is authorized to prescribe a standard of proficiency as to the qualifications and fitness of embalmers and funeral directors, to revoke or suspend licenses for any violation of this law, to adopt rules and regulations and to set standards of sanitation to be observed in the embalming or cremation of dead human bodies.

Effective September 1st, the Georgia Board of Funeral Service phone number has changed to 404-424-9966. Their office can also be reached by using the toll free number, 844-753-7825. 

To file a complaint, visit: 

  • HERE for the Georgia Board of Funeral Service and choose the "Online Complaint" button 
  • HERE for the Professional Licensing, Georgia Secretary of State website and follow the directions under the "Search for a Professional Licensee" 


The Securities and Charities Division of the Office of the Secretary of State (“Division”) working with the Georgia Attorney General and the Board of Cemeterians recently filed a Complaint in the Superior Court for Jones County regarding alleged violations of the Georgia Cemetery and Funeral Services Act of 2000 (“Act”) by Cedar Ridge Cemetery, Jerry C. Bridges, Sr. and additional parties.

On January 6, 2021, the Superior Court for Jones County issued an Order (2020-SU-CV-00389) appointing Examination Resources, LLC (“Examination Resources”) as the receiver over Cedar Ridge Cemetery.

As the appointed receiver, Examination Resources is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Cedar Ridge Cemetery, including coordinating funeral services at the property and collecting monies.

Examination Resources has established a new phone number for Cedar Ridge Cemetery: (404)-301-3340.

Any funeral home, funeral director, or member of the public seeking the assistance of Cedar Ridge Cemetery should contact the receiver, Examination Resources, at this number: (404)-301-3340.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (470) 312-2640 or

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