Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH)

Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH)

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Georgia Department of Public Health Daily Status Report  HERE

Administrative Order for Public Health Control Measures  HERE

COVID-19 Testing

Contact COVID-19 Hotline - (844) 442-2681

If you believe that you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to the novel coronavirus, please contact your primary care doctor or an urgent care clinic. Please do not show up unannounced at an emergency room or health care facility.

  • COVID-19 Testing / Direct Patient LinesHERE
  • Find a Covid 19 Testing SiteFind a Covid 19 Testing Site - HERE

Protect Yourself: Stay up-to-date on steps to protect yourself and others  HERE

Watch for Symptoms: How to tell if you're sick with COVID-19  HERE 

If You Are Sick: If you are sick with COVID-19  HERE

If You Are Exposed: If you have been exposed to COVID-19  HERE 

COVID-19 Funeral and Mortuary Science Guidance 

4-9-20 DPH COVID-19 Funeral and Mortuary Science Guidance 

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Contact your Department of Public Health Office to notify of PPE needs.

It is important to contact your county’s office directly to inquire about their capabilities to issue death certificate and local mandates or orders which may affect your business.

In addition, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, with the assistance of the Georgia Department of Public Health, continues to request PPE supplies through the Federal system.  To notify officials of your PPE needs: 

  • Contact your local health department.  Some areas may refer you to another contact and it is important to follow their instructions.    
  • Following this process is important as it ensures a central line of communication to accurately track the need counts for Georgia and ensures accurate requests to the Federal level. 
  • Remember, resources will be allocated to the 'hot spots' throughout the country and state.

Georgia Department of Public Health District Health Office Directory

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Request for Status of Morgue Bed Availability

Facilities with morgues have been asked by the Department of Public Health (PDH) to update their morgue bed availability status daily by visiting the Morgue Availability Reporting Tool- for emergency use HERE. This is the morgue bed availability reporting tool used to report daily availability, normal and surge capacities, location and points of contact which can be completed on a phone, laptop or desktop computer. The information collected may be used by emergency managers to help support each other during these turbulent times.

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