For Consumers

For Consumers

This section of our site is presented as public information by Georgia Funeral Directors Association.   
We hope this information helps you gain an understanding of the funeral and grief process. We also hope to provide basic information
 that can help families deal with the closure of significant relationships in their lives - emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

For many families, finding the right funeral home can be a difficult process. Let the Georgia Funeral Directors Association help you search for the best funeral homes in your area.

Funeral pre-planning allows consumers to protect their loved ones while simultaneously creating a funeral that meets their distinctive needs. This section covers the benefits and processes of funeral pre-planning.

As you plan a funeral for your loved one, you may find yourself confused by all the funeral service options. These are the most important things you need to know about making funeral arrangements.

Georgia law outlines who can implement final disposition. It ranks, in the exact order of kinship or relationship to the deceased, who has the right to make decisions regarding the final disposition of a deceased person.

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