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  • Funeral Guidance for Individuals and Families
    Mar. 1, 2021
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      • How can communities plan for an increase in the number of deaths?
      • Am I at risk if I go to a family gathering, traditional event, ceremony, or funeral for someone who died of COVID-19?
      • What are the most important things to remember about COVID-19 and AI/AN funeral services or other gatherings?
      • Am I at risk if I touch someone who died of COVID-19 after they have passed away?
      • How can I protect myself when preparing the body of someone who died of COVID-19?
      • How do you transport the body of a person who has died from COVID-19?
      • Are there any special requirements for burying or cremating people who died from COVID-19?
      • What do funeral home workers need to know about handling deceased who had COVID-19?
      • How do you protect yourself after body preparation?
      • What resources are available for burial of American Indian/Alaska Native veterans? 

The National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL)

CDC's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is available for urgent consultation at 770-488-7100

  • State and local health departments who have identified a deceased known or suspected COVID-19 case can notify CDC’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at 770-488-7100 for urgent consultation if an autopsy is being considered or submission of autopsy tissue specimens or postmortem swabs to CDC for COVID-19 testing is desired. The EOC will assist local/state health departments to collect, store, and ship specimens appropriately to CDC, including during afterhours or on weekends/holidays.
  • Medical examiners, coroners, and pathologists should immediately notify their local or state health department in the event of the identification of a deceased person with known or suspected COVID-19.

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